Commercial Fridge & Cool Room Repairs & Maintenance in Newcastle

Cooling System Workings

The function of a fridge is simple, but how they actually work can be confusing. The compressor forces hot refrigerant vapour into the exterior coils. There, the vapour is converted to a liquid. This liquid, under high pressure, is pulled into the coils inside the fridge and absorbs the heat that’s inside. Then, that liquid refrigerant is evaporated again, and the whole process starts over.

How We Can Help You

Here at Hunter Catering Maintenance, we know how essential refrigeration is to every commercial kitchen and catering service. Food needs to be kept cold to be safe, and, to keep it cold, you need working refrigeration at all times. Our priority is making sure you never have to worry about losing power in your fridge or cool room.

Our Emergency Service

Emergencies can happen at any time. Whether your restaurant’s cool room has suddenly broken down or your commercial freezer has stopped functioning correctly, you need a reliable and experienced service provider that offers 24/7 emergency support. 

At Hunter Catering Maintenance, we understand the importance of having reliable cooling capabilities at all times, which is why we always offer fast and efficient service to our customers. With over a decade of experience working on commercial fridges and freezers of all sizes, we are your go-to company for all things related to commercial refrigeration.